So my sister's been hounding me to read this book. So much so that she forced me to take her copy home and read it.

I started reading it with no intent on getting sucked in. I read half a chapter here, half a chapter there. This way i couldn't focus on how great this vampire love story that everyone was raving about.

Yesterday after work and studying i sat at our desk and started to read it. I felt okay i'm going to commit to it. The movie is going to come out soon, so if i want the full effect of what the book can give me, i must read it now.

BAD IDEA! i spent the rest of the day reading the book and was able to finish half of it. If it wasn't for my boyfriend telling me to go to sleep, i wouldn't have put that book down. I totally understand the hype on this book...and the series. It is just so damn interesting. My oldest sister read the first and second book in a weekend. geez!

So i was reading it today after work but got side tracked. I couldn't stop thinking about making a some kind of blend with Edward and Bella. So i put down my book, and created this simple picture. I guess i got excited when i found the twilight font thats used on the book. :)

I hope you all like it.

(click on the image to see the enlarged image)



Today i can proudly stand and say, "IM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!"

I know that change is upon us, and im embracing it with open arms.

I voted, and is damn proud with this country and its decision. :)
President Obama's acceptance speech was moving and inspirational so much so that it brought tears to my eyes.
Today will go down in history and i can finally breathe a little bit easier now knowing that there's hope for a better country for my kids than the one "we've inherited".

"It's the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled. Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of red states and blue states.

We are, and always will be, the United States of America."

i'm so happy that i haven't stopped smiling since the news of our elected President.

awareness test

life's been hectic what with school and working everyday.

thank goodness for online classes then i have no idea how i'd handle it all.
its a pretty good routine for me:

wake up at 7:30a to go work
leave at 3p so i miss the rush hour traffic
get home around 330 - 4p
check my ms, fb, and watch yt videos.
do homework
watch shows on dvr. :D

its a great setup. lol.
a lots happened during the summer which was why i lost interest in doing my blog.
haven't been able to do my photoshopping but will start the creativity soon.
my bf thinks my stuff is good enough to sell and pictures that i take are good enough as well.
theres something like istockphoto where you can sell your pictures for people to buy.

anyways, thought i'd update. :)

oh boyfriend surprised me with flowers last week.
its was so random. its nice that he does this once in a while.
it makes it special when he does it. :) i love him.

oh my goodness! i was looking through my old host and found a crap load of old blends that i did.
i must remember to save these. you never know when it can disappear. 
anyways, looking at these and the ones i do now, i dont think ive improved much.
but thats alright. at least i didn't get worse, right? 

i cut part of her head off. lol

i think they call this the grunge effect.

i was making this for my old xanga site. wow, oooold school.

this was a mixture of different flowers. i looove loove loove this one.

another grunge effect.


marie digby

i haven't blended in a while.

i've lost my touch. and i mean location, location of pictures are crucial.
i need to keep practicing.
there aren't many pictures of marie (ma-re-e).
i thought i was pronounced like marie. but its mariƩ.
anyways, i love her album. everyone should listen to it and buy it.
she's on youtube.

<3 jackie

vintage shia

just because i love this boy. <3

some people always tell me that i'm strange for finding him hella sexy.
my boyfriends friends say i like "dorky" boys. 
so, i guess that makes my boyfriend dorky huh? lol. i dont care.


he is one handsome motherfather. =D
i made a tutorial on createblog for this photo effect.
so check it out if you want to learn it. click here

<3 jackie

my sister wanted me to do a picture of her.
so i did. it's of her and our friend christina.
i'm very proud of that quote i wrote.
it's AWESOME. lol.




i used a picture of my friends adorable daughter.


so, i've finally got my groove back into my graphics. oh how i've missed it. i'm just trying to get familiar with all the filters, tools, etc. in my photoshop again. slowly i'm remembering. =) 

even with the fact that i've had to work everyday this week, when i come home i want to wind down with either my crossword puzzles or my photoshop. its wonderful. anyways, i made a tutorial on createblog and it was accepted. it was a great feeling. so my next post will be to have that tutorial on here. yay!


kamehameha day.

so not many people read my blog but i still write and post pictures because i love to. i finally made a video of myself talking or shall i say talking bubbles on youtube. its weird to see my face on youtube...but yet it feels awesome. i wish i had gave some more people shoutouts because i watch soo many people on youtube. lol. 

anyways, today was a state holiday. my boyfriend and his friends played baseball at 16 acres for a good 4hours. the girls just watched them or more like talked. lol. we brought the doggies and to my surprise they were really good. i had to scold them a couple of times but they're not perfect. i wouldve taken a crap load of pictures but wasn't able to being that i had one dog strapped to me. but i got like two from today. 

last night, we went salsa dancing and although i didn't know what the heck i was doing it was still FUN!! i hope to go again and maybe shake my hips more. lol. so pictures of that will be posted in this post as well.

LASTLY, my boyfriend is sometimes an idiot but what can you do right? he bet his friend something and lost. when he made the bet with his friend shane i already knew that he was going to lose. i mean i will always support my boyfriend but this time it was just too hard to. i knew he was going to lose. ANYWAYS, shane ate his 10 libbys manapuas in 41 minutes. my boyfriend bet that he couldn't eat 10 in two hours. boy was he regretful that he made that bet. matt (my bf) stepped up and didn't back down. he wore his custom made "da brats" muumuu that shane's gma made to ward on wednesday. for people who don't know this, on wednesday, dnbs is college night. so there was a crap load of people there, which was the point. we saw "what happens in vegas" and he got some whistles and shoutouts from drunk people. but all in all it was a fun night. i stood by him the whole time..because i love him like that. even funnier was the fact that he used to family bathroom because he wasn't sure which one to use. lol. hilarious! good memories.

matt's bet

the sign says "lesson learned: never bet against shane"

him and shane

i wasn't embarrassed at all

wada and matt

video from that night is below.

salsa night

i was concentrating. =P

♥ ♥

today at the park

gb jaymie flying their awesome kites

sophie was tired after the park and a bath

and so was lucy. lol

love, jackie

GO TROJANS. haha. anyways, my beautiful friend thea grad from usc last week and today was her grad party. the food was yummy with a sushi, saimin, etc stations. the spicy tuna rolls were spicy and oh-so-good. =) what else but pictures.

♥ jackie

it was that time of year where people are confirmed, baptised, and given their first communion. but, our choir sings for the 6pm mass on sundays so we sang at the confirmation ceremony. the plan was for the whole choir to wear red and we all did and it looked fabulous. our voices were strong and the spirits were high. here are pictures from it.

this year i opted to do karaoke for my birthday because im an obessed karaoke-er. lol. wasn't able to have the party on my actual bday because it was a sunday so we had it the following thursday. i had a blast. i got drunk but not drunk drunk where i acted up a fool. im too old to get "fucked up" on my bday. =p i got drunk just enough. matt kept me in control...he would be like, "babe, have some soda and here eat this sandwich" and i would sneak some sips of my bottle of wine that i got as a gift when he wasn't looking. i had fun and although matt wasnt able to pull off a surprise it was still awesome that he organized it. i love him so much. enjoy the pictures.

presents from the boyfriend

presents from onesan

oh those yellow hello kitty pajama pants were a present too. =P

♥ jackie

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