awareness test

life's been hectic what with school and working everyday.

thank goodness for online classes then i have no idea how i'd handle it all.
its a pretty good routine for me:

wake up at 7:30a to go work
leave at 3p so i miss the rush hour traffic
get home around 330 - 4p
check my ms, fb, and watch yt videos.
do homework
watch shows on dvr. :D

its a great setup. lol.
a lots happened during the summer which was why i lost interest in doing my blog.
haven't been able to do my photoshopping but will start the creativity soon.
my bf thinks my stuff is good enough to sell and pictures that i take are good enough as well.
theres something like istockphoto where you can sell your pictures for people to buy.

anyways, thought i'd update. :)

oh boyfriend surprised me with flowers last week.
its was so random. its nice that he does this once in a while.
it makes it special when he does it. :) i love him.

oh my goodness! i was looking through my old host and found a crap load of old blends that i did.
i must remember to save these. you never know when it can disappear. 
anyways, looking at these and the ones i do now, i dont think ive improved much.
but thats alright. at least i didn't get worse, right? 

i cut part of her head off. lol

i think they call this the grunge effect.

i was making this for my old xanga site. wow, oooold school.

this was a mixture of different flowers. i looove loove loove this one.

another grunge effect.


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