my 3rd annual 21st bday.

this year i opted to do karaoke for my birthday because im an obessed karaoke-er. lol. wasn't able to have the party on my actual bday because it was a sunday so we had it the following thursday. i had a blast. i got drunk but not drunk drunk where i acted up a fool. im too old to get "fucked up" on my bday. =p i got drunk just enough. matt kept me in control...he would be like, "babe, have some soda and here eat this sandwich" and i would sneak some sips of my bottle of wine that i got as a gift when he wasn't looking. i had fun and although matt wasnt able to pull off a surprise it was still awesome that he organized it. i love him so much. enjoy the pictures.

presents from the boyfriend

presents from onesan

oh those yellow hello kitty pajama pants were a present too. =P

♥ jackie


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