kokua festival '08

i am a huge, gigantic, immense, humungous, vast, enormous fan of jack johnson. were those too many adjectives? lol. anyways, every year for five years he's had a fundrasing concert for his foundation.  we got smart this year and were ready to buy our tickets. its pretty damn hard to get them. in no less then 15 minutes, all the tickets were sold out. its pretty much like that every year. 

the concert came and we were all pretty excited but when we got there we noticed that there were hardly any local people there. a lot of tourist and hardly any locals. that really pissed me off. not for the kokua foundation but in general. i felt like an outside on my own island. it was pretty surreal. until you come to hawaii you'll never know how much "aloha" there is here. ive been to the mainland several times, spent summers etc. you can see a definite difference in the way you're treated. i mean seriously no offense to mainland people because i always enjoy my time over there but majority of the people there are just plain rude. and that is exactly what the atmosphere of the concert was. i am a person who doesn't like confrontation but i was got to my breaking point and had to speak my mind to some people. they were just disrespecting our things by walking all over our blankets (let me just let you know that we were sitting on a lawn) and kicking our things aside so that they can stand there. i mean seriously, everyone is on the lawn and what are two feet more closer that you were when you are so far back. it makes no difference. i asked them nicely a couple times but they kept on doing it. so i ended up yelling at them. i was ready to kick some ass. one of the stupid girls had the nerve to walk past our blankets and say, "i'll walk all over your shit if i want to" ho, i pulled out my pepper-spray and was ready to use it. but i stopped myself because then what kind of person would i be? anyways, when jack came on everything was out the door. there were a couple more incidents with these disrespecting people that had to do with them dropping their beers on this old couple a couple of times. argh. it still gets me angry but really its not worth it.

hopefully next year they were have saved a certain amount of tickets for kaimaina (local people) and then when those are sold out have them available for tourists. literally when jack gave a shoutout to the people listening from outside of the waikiki shell, you could tell there were shit loads of people. and when the concert was over when we got outside, sure enough there is where the locals stayed. 

i took pictures and videos (go figure). so enjoy!
gb & matt

jessica & alisa

him & me

gb & me

alisa & gb

jessica & jeff

♥ jackie


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