april was a crazy month for me not just because it was my birthday but me & matt weren't in 'grandma & grandpa' mode.  i've just started this blog and i'm pretty sure...nay positive that no one reads it yet. but hopefully i'll be more interesting and less lazy to post stuff. i believe that i have a very interesting life and it should be documented. lol. i finally found some time to do this only because i cant sleep, i should be sleeping but i cant. the story of my life. the only times that i can sleep the best are times when i can't be sleeping. i think thats the story of everyones life. =) 

me & my boyfriend FINALLY saw ironman and it was awesomely awesome. ive never heard of ironman before my boyfriend or the movie so my expectations were non-existent. 

summer is finally here and the weather is so not beautiful. it's filled with vog and makes the island all yucky and makes me allergies go crazy.  so because i haven't posted in a while i have tons and tons of pictures to "show-and-tell". im a person who likes to have memories of events that go on in life. it can be as simple as us going to starbucks or driving in the car. i take pictures of everything i could take pictures of. i think i can fill two big photo albums full of my dogs. lol. im crazy obsessed like that. so enjoy looking at the pictures. i always like to look at people's blog and their pictures. its just fascinating to see someone else's perspective.

us at dnbs before sheri left to go back to school.
him & me. i sometimes dont like to smile. i like to mix my expressions up.
him, sheri, me & lorin

travis & sheri
sheri & lorin
him & me
lorin dropped the soap and brandon went to help him. =p

normal night at anasias
my pirate face & him
lorin & misa
me & him
♥ jackie


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