kamehameha day.

so not many people read my blog but i still write and post pictures because i love to. i finally made a video of myself talking or shall i say talking bubbles on youtube. its weird to see my face on youtube...but yet it feels awesome. i wish i had gave some more people shoutouts because i watch soo many people on youtube. lol. 

anyways, today was a state holiday. my boyfriend and his friends played baseball at 16 acres for a good 4hours. the girls just watched them or more like talked. lol. we brought the doggies and to my surprise they were really good. i had to scold them a couple of times but they're not perfect. i wouldve taken a crap load of pictures but wasn't able to being that i had one dog strapped to me. but i got like two from today. 

last night, we went salsa dancing and although i didn't know what the heck i was doing it was still FUN!! i hope to go again and maybe shake my hips more. lol. so pictures of that will be posted in this post as well.

LASTLY, my boyfriend is sometimes an idiot but what can you do right? he bet his friend something and lost. when he made the bet with his friend shane i already knew that he was going to lose. i mean i will always support my boyfriend but this time it was just too hard to. i knew he was going to lose. ANYWAYS, shane ate his 10 libbys manapuas in 41 minutes. my boyfriend bet that he couldn't eat 10 in two hours. boy was he regretful that he made that bet. matt (my bf) stepped up and didn't back down. he wore his custom made "da brats" muumuu that shane's gma made to ward on wednesday. for people who don't know this, on wednesday, dnbs is college night. so there was a crap load of people there, which was the point. we saw "what happens in vegas" and he got some whistles and shoutouts from drunk people. but all in all it was a fun night. i stood by him the whole time..because i love him like that. even funnier was the fact that he used to family bathroom because he wasn't sure which one to use. lol. hilarious! good memories.

matt's bet

the sign says "lesson learned: never bet against shane"

him and shane

i wasn't embarrassed at all

wada and matt

video from that night is below.

salsa night

i was concentrating. =P

♥ ♥

today at the park

gb jaymie flying their awesome kites

sophie was tired after the park and a bath

and so was lucy. lol

love, jackie


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