GO TROJANS. haha. anyways, my beautiful friend thea grad from usc last week and today was her grad party. the food was yummy with a sushi, saimin, etc stations. the spicy tuna rolls were spicy and oh-so-good. =) what else but pictures.

♥ jackie

it was that time of year where people are confirmed, baptised, and given their first communion. but, our choir sings for the 6pm mass on sundays so we sang at the confirmation ceremony. the plan was for the whole choir to wear red and we all did and it looked fabulous. our voices were strong and the spirits were high. here are pictures from it.

this year i opted to do karaoke for my birthday because im an obessed karaoke-er. lol. wasn't able to have the party on my actual bday because it was a sunday so we had it the following thursday. i had a blast. i got drunk but not drunk drunk where i acted up a fool. im too old to get "fucked up" on my bday. =p i got drunk just enough. matt kept me in control...he would be like, "babe, have some soda and here eat this sandwich" and i would sneak some sips of my bottle of wine that i got as a gift when he wasn't looking. i had fun and although matt wasnt able to pull off a surprise it was still awesome that he organized it. i love him so much. enjoy the pictures.

presents from the boyfriend

presents from onesan

oh those yellow hello kitty pajama pants were a present too. =P

♥ jackie

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