this weekend so far...

so, yesterday matt's parents left for vegas. so, again me and him are going to play house w/ our two crazy dogs. while parents play in will play at home. we had the friends over last night (of course his parents and neighbors knew...we're responsible like that) and it was a ton of fun like always.  

my dad stopped by on his rented motocycle and everyone was blown away. i hate when people go, "omg, your dad is so hot!". i mean i got to admit he is a handsome mother; may she rest in peace; was one lucky woman. =] but, after a full day of riding his bike w/ my cousin for a day..he was exhausted. i will post some pictures up of my dad and the party when all pictures are gathered.  me and my sister were a bit worried by his exhaustion only because him and my cousin were going to ride around the whole island the next morning...well today. but jason was only going to be here until monday evening. they had fun and it was something that my dad and cousin were looking forward to for a couple of months.  when i picked them up after they were tired!! lol. 

for now, here's a picture of my dad. a sneak peak before the flood of pictures come.


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