HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! i miss you everyday, all day. there isn't a day or minute or second that i don't think of you. 

today she would've been 62 years old. boy, she didn't look her age at all.  so, in our family when a birthday rolls around we go out to dinner at...drum roll please!...chili's. lol. i don't know when or how it started but it's a tradition. i guess it's the molten chocolate cake that gets us all excited.  but, today we went to kuru kuru for a really early dinner.  kuru kuru is a sushi place that my dad, my sister, my boyfriend and i love to go.  it's so good that we have a weekly family dinner there. =] i hope my dad was okay today. he's not a very open person when it comes to how much he misses our mom.  i mean he tells us but i don't think what he tells us scratches the surface of how much he actually misses her. she was everything to him and he was everything to her. he treated my mother wonderful and i always wanted to find someone who would take care of me like my dad did for my mom. fortunately, i did find someone who treats me like my dad treated my mom...and i think he came to me at the right time.  

i didn't make it to her grave today but after work tomorrow i'm gonna visit her. she's been gone for almost two years now but it doesn't get any easier.  you can never understand the meaning of loss until you lose someone so close to you. so, i always tell my friends and my boyfriend to spend time or something because the more time you spend with them, the more memories you have to remember later on.  so to close this somewhat depressing entry...happy birthday mom!! i miss you and i love you.  

♥ jackie


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