I've got mail

i received an email from my sister this morning.
it’s wonderful to be able to see some kind of history of your family.
it’s difficult to find anything on my family from both sides because of immigration and well let me just say it —WWII.
anyways, back to the email. my sister found an article that was about my grandma and her family. this is what the article said with the pictures below:

After a day of office work, the Oda sisters like to play their record player and try out the latest swing records. Ariye (left) is selecting the disks she wants to hear, while her sister, Sumi, is turning the machine on to one of the songs on the Hit Parade. Ariye and Sumi work as cost accountant and stock clerk respectively in Rockford, Illinois, a city of some 90,000 people, 90 miles northwest of Chicago. They formerly lived in Sacramento, California prior to evacuation to the Tule Lake Relocation Center. —

In their smartly furnished upstairs apartment in the Rockford residential section, the Oda family spends many pleasant evenings together. With her three daughters working all day, Mrs. Oda is happy when evening comes and the family can gather in the living room to read, study, or just to talk and listen to the radio. Left to right are: Sumi, a stock clerk and a student at the Rockford Business College; Fumi, a bookkeeper; Ariye, a cost accountant and also a business college student; and Mrs. Ariye Oda. Ariye and Sumi attend business college two nights a week for advance study. The Oda family is formerly from Sacramento, California and the Tule Lake Relocation Center. Mrs. Oda has two sons, Philip, a sergeant at Camp Shelby, and Hiromi, a shipping clerk in New York. The Odas have been in Rockford several months and have found the city much to their liking. They have made many new friends and have found their new jobs interesting. In the picture, Sumi is studying her homework, Ariye is looking for her favorite continued story, while Fumi and her mother are looking at the newspaper. By the lamp in the background is a picture of Sgt. Philip Oda.

looking into the past and seeing your grandma when she was our ages is just wonderful. not to mention, as my sister said, their style was so “donna reid”. haha.
my grandma’s even got the “S” on her sweater. haha. this was waaay before laverne & shirley. :)

thanks jessica for this awesome email today. oh, and HAPPY 50th Hawaii! :)

4 years and counting…
i cannot believe how fast life can go by when you’re insanely happy.
people asked me “what’s the secret to making a relationship last for so long?”
i responded that it all depended on the people in the relationship.
that it’s a matter of knowing how much you’re willing to work at keeping it.
it was quite strange because after this conversation that i had,
i went onto my twitter and saw that @mrskutcher had RT this quote:
You learn 2 love, not by finding a perfect person, but by learning 2 see an imperfect person perfectly.“ :)

this year we enjoyed our anniversary with dinner and a couple of games of bowling.
it was a wonderful day — not to mention the fact that i played the best i have so far in bowling than i have for a long time.


it's my sister's birthday. :)
last year she wanted a birthday party like we had when we were kids,
and this year she wants it at INDIGOs.
it shall be fun. :)

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